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Following much misinformation placed on the internet regarding an organisation calling itself the WSKU it can be confirmed WSKF HQ does not recognise, nor do we support, any activity of the WSKU. Any claims that this organisation is connected to WSKF are bogus. For further advice regarding this matter contact WSKF HQ directly.h
yRequirements for being a WSKF memberz
  1. Individual full membership registration
  2. Honorary membership registration
  3. Branch (Club) registration
A club with more than 20 members can register directly with the headquarters.
  4. Organization registration
An organization with more than 10 dojos or 200 members can register directly with the headquarters.
  5. Can set up more than one organization in a country (before the revision, only one organization was allowed in a country).
  6. The headquarters appoint Chief instructors.
2018 World Cup Dublin Ireland official result
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